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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 13, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. public health warning for thousands of people in the bay area among those people at risk those who take bart. >> a cal student may have infected others with the measles. >> reporter: it is one of the most contagious diseases and a deadly combination. the patient a 20-something cal student who got the virus in asia. >> people in the area may have been exposed to measles. >> reporter: during the morning commute, 1.2 million people may have been exposed to the measles. this wouldn't have been a big
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deal in the past. everyone was im immunized. many like jenny mccarthy think that vaccines cause autism so there are a lot who are not. >> i do vaccinate my children. >> reporter: the disease is airborn. >> bart cars have ventilation systems. >> reporter: for public health providers, a nearly extinct disease. >> it would not have been brought to the united states in
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people would be vaccinated. >> reporter: it is spread through sneezes and coughs all the way out to 12 feet. it can spread 100,000 germs. kpix5. an oakland neighborhood say it got what it paid for a security guard shot a burglar. he sounds like he should be glad he didn't run into the neighbors. >> they have hired security guards. let's make clear what the law is. they are trained to observe and document what they see. what they witness a felony in progress, they are allowed to do something about it like any
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citizen in california. the guard used his gun. >> this is the suspected burglar. >> go for it. if it means taking this guy out, fine. it will be a hard lesson for his accomplices. >> reporter: dropping the load along the way, a tv, telescope, and rifles. he got in his own security car and followed the burglar and confronted him. the suspect pulled out a screwdriver and the guard shot him in the leg. a block and a half away there was an 81-year-old woman shot in the shoulder and another
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woman was pistol whipped. >> i would have killed him. he would have been dead not shot in the leg. >> reporter: this burglar had three things working against him. he buddies drove off away from him. he had to run up a steep hill. his bands were so baggy, he was nearly tripping from them. the man charged with killing sierra lamar was arraigned. 21 months after his arrest torres -- her body has never been found. dna links him to the case. it is hard to forget this
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video of a woman being robbed and kicked in the head from last year. we edited the violent parts out because it is disturbing. the man knocking her out has been convicted of robbery and assault and facing 8 years. today a federal appeals court tossed out requirements calling them unconstitutional. they say it is wrong to require appicants good cause to receive a permit to carry a concealed weapon outside the home for self defense. the ride share company uber
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is making changes after a girl was killed crossing the street. the driver, 57-year-old, said he was driving for uber waiting for a fare when it happened. the governor will talk about the drought tomorrow. president obama will be visiting farms. >> i don't want to start a new career, but i just want to get out of it. it is devastating, the sleepless nights, the unknown. >> farmers say a third of their land can be harvests this
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season. the opposite in the eastern third of the country. they have another night of heavy snow and sleet. half a million people without power. 6500 flights grounded. as a leksis tells us, it is not over yet. >> reporter: the 1.1 million public school students had schools closed, but not in new york. >> we were convinced kids could get to school. >> reporter: it is part of a huge winter storm from georgia to maine. this will be their second night without electricity. >> when you woke up i could see
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my breath once i stuck my head out of the covers. >> reporter: sewers cause corners to look like black slushy lakes. >> you don't know how deep it is until you step into it. >> reporter: it is not over yet. they have the back half of the storm to deal with. >> locally heavy snow. no issues were reported. a ban on same-sex marriage
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is over turned in virginia. it was voted unconstitutional. wx tease) (paul wx tea customers a major deal in the works, and why you may pay more not less. >> more rain on the way? timing may impact your valentines plans. ,,
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they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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tonight: we're getting that incident. last night we were the first to show you a man on a bart train getting tased. what bart is saying about the whole thing. >> reporter: bart police chief is telling us that the officer who tased the man on the train was doing his job. new video shows it up close.
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the bart officer warns the man what he will do and then he tases him. it was january 29th. there was a call he was drunk and bothering drivers. he asked him to get off. >> taseer, taser, taser. >> i saw the video and the officer was extremely patient. >> reporter: he defended the officer saying it was reasonable. we showed it to a former bart
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officer. >> i think both tasings were appropriate. he wouldn't listen. >> reporter: they can be heard telling the officer that he did nothing wrong. a woman assisted he wasn't bothering anyone. some are saying it was not justifiable. >> there is an internal affairs investigation into the matter. in the bay area the jobs at
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home depot, this store will add up to 40 people ahead of the busy spring season. they are looking to up great the home depot. >>
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>> they want to fill 85,000 positions. wal-mart says it is looking for 95 people at the new san jose store. new work will begin in april. >> as for the home depot jobs, you have to apply on line. you can go to for a link. >> hgst unit has plans to expand. thousands of new housing uns are going up. the city is trying to attract companies
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workers... especially given recent protests targeting ge buses and other tech compans in san francisco. executivey the class warfare just doe't exist in san jose. "san jose is much more open that business, it's not as t of a space, it's an undiscod gem, so there's plenty of ps for people to live." a san jose city councilman points out -- while the hou market is hot, it's nothinge san >> san jose is in trouble be businesses. there are plenty places for people to live. >> while the housing market is hot it ising in is nothing like san francisco. comcast wants to buy time warner. 12:10:38 this would just ma too much power, and concent too much power in one giganc corporation.. the companies say they expe the merger to take effect ae
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end of the year. government regulators still need to ape the deal. a california lawmaker is ta on the fight against sugary drinks. senator william monning introduced a bill today... would require all sodas and sugary drinks have a label, warning about the health dangers. most people who drink and sell the prod believe the effort is a losg battle... but supporters of bill say it's a step in the right direction. "to carefully think about t choices they are making." "we see it as a critical wag tool to provoke conversatio startegies of education." the bill is being backed by studies that link soda- drig to obesity. facebook is now giving users more ways to identify their gender. the social media site added about 50 different terms tok from... besides male or female. some of the choices include androgynous- gender, trans- sexual and
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"gender fluid." you can also choose which pronoun y want to go by - him, her or them, as a neutral choice. (toss to paul) (toss to pau (toss to paul) (moon over san jose tonight) thanks, paul. beloved t-v dad "ralph wait has
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we need to drag it back down. it is lifting up. 75-degree myths for those of you out in the tri-valley. by saturday night there has been reservations for valentine's day, we will have some rainfall. we will go through 10:00
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saturday night with a 1/3 of an inch of rain. the rain is coming but a couple nights from now. fog, clouds, drizzle. we are dry tomorrow, but last saturday we will get rainfall. mid-60s. died at age 85. we are dry for president's day and showers tuesday and next thursday. three shots of rain but three beats zero. >> every little bit helps. ralph waite has died. he was john walton senior from the walton's. he died in his palm desert
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home. he was on inform ncis. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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flowers... there's a new apr that. "bloom that" is based in thy . well, if you still need to order valentine flowers, boy are you in trouble. >> it is called bloom back, they are in san francisco, palo alto, and sunnyvale. there will be $3 billion
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spent on valentine's day. it is the most popular. one survey says 12% of shoppers buy for their coworkers. >> i don't have flowers to deliver, but i have a minute of sports. does that work? st. mary's men's basketball. all these conference games coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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losing no more than six gam. but they already have 7 loss this season and trouble tonight against usd keep you chin up randy bennett... you were dn to a team with a 13-13 home.... ...surprisingly, t san diego, keep your chin up. so you were down with a 13 and 13 record at home.
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surprisingly they raised a 5- point deficit. the shot, the bump, the foul, 9 defensive points from the outside. they win 69-57. sad news in baseball, manager, sarah high school, 71-year-old is in critical condition as we speak. lpga, tiger's niece playing. off the league. pga in los angeles, dustin was feeling it. fired a 66 today. leaves the field by a single
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stroke. >> see you at 11:00. ,, see what's new at
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